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Monday, 29 July 2019 01:19

Christian DiorPrestige Le Nectar Exceptional Regenerating Serum 30ml 1oz

Christian Dior
A powerful, highly concentrated anti aging facial serumFeatures a fusion effect texture that instantly penetra...

$410.00    MSRP $425.00

Save $15      3.53 % OFF! 

  • A powerful, highly concentrated anti-aging facial serumFeatures a "fusion effect" texture that instantly penetrates deep into skin Formulated with the most precious fraction of Rose de Granville: its very first budsHelps regenerate the deepest layers of skin & rebuild the deep down architecture Tones & re-shapes facial featuresSkin appears firmer, smoother, brighter, plumper, more elastic & younger looking

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Save $15 (3.53%)

  • Christian Dior

    $410.00    MSRP $425.00
  • Christian DiorPrestige Le Nectar Exceptional Regenerating Serum 30ml 1oz
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